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The ongoing #EndSARS protest across Nigeria have reestablished one fact:

Everyone is frustrated at the level of poverty in the midst of plenty.
The system is grossly tilted to favour a select few public office holders (2% of the population) in government who’s problem is NOT money but how to spend it against the majority 98% most of whom live below the poverty line and some of them cannot even feed.

Income inequality is the major problem in Nigeria today. Government should create wealth and spread economic prosperity. The system is designed to consume not to create. We must change this narrative.

The authorities should do the needful and bridge the huge, wide and widening gap between the rich and the poor through JOB CREATION and a SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM. Government must reduce the high cost of governance, high recurrent expenditure of about 80% down to 40% and increase the capital expenditure to at least 60%.
Something needs to be done by the government… and urgently too, before the bubble busts. God forbid.

The gallant Nigerian youths are not asking for too much. In fact the indomitable Nigerian youths are not asking for anything new: these demands are but the aggregate and a rehash of the calls for good governance that have reverberated Nigeria’s landscape for several decades. The demands of the protesters kept being updated as they grew from the initial 5 to about 23 so far.

Obviously, one of these demands which looks to be the odd one out is the demand for a return to regional government. This shouldn’t be on the list of the demands because it has the potentials to politicise and symbolise the protest as taking sides on the ongoing restructuring debate.

The Nigerian youths should not dwell into politics but stick to ‘police reforms, end to police brutality and good governance. Any attempt to politicise the protests and take sides will take the shine off it.

Some key demands amongst the 23 updated demands of the Nigerian youths include:

  1. END TO SARS AND POLICE BRUTALITY:This is a legitimate demand and has been met by the federal government. The government deserves commendation for taking prompt action and disbanding SARS. The feared police unit is now history. However, the almost immediate formation of the so-called new SARS called SWAT by the police is a rare show of insensitivity and deceit. SARS and SWAT are bobbsey twins that only signify a change of name. The formation of SWAT just after disbanding SARS and in the heat of the protests is ill-timed and will only serve to further infuriate the protesters and aggravate tension.

Even a primary school pupil will not be convinced by this mere change of name from SARS to SWAT. Ending SARS means all cases of extrajudicial killings and brutalisation of innocent citizens should be revisited and erring officers brought to book. Families of all those who lost their lives should be adequately compensated. The blood of all the heroes and heroines who died from SARS brutality and during the protest must not go in vain. They deserve to be honoured.

A situation where a SARS officer says to an innocent citizen ‘I will kill you and nothing will happen’ cannot be allowed to go unchecked.

    Place our distinguished senators on minimum wage: This call has been on the card since 1999 when Nigeria’s latest adventure as a democracy was launched. The demand has not been met by government but it is not too late to make amends. The 2020 budget has not been passed yet so it is very easy to meet this demand. At this point the 2020 budget can be amended such that the humongous budget of N200 billion for the National Assembly can be cut down to only N2 billion. The balance of N198 billion can be used to establish skills acquisition centres in each of the 774 local government areas in Nigeria to train youths on hands-on skills and enable them set up small businesses.
    The senators and members House of Representatives including ministers and other top government officials should be placed on minimum wage. Senators and ministers are good on GL 16 (deputy director).
  2. SCRAP BICAMERAL LEGISLATURE: Replace it with Unicameral legislature: The current economic realities do not justify maintaining two chambers of the national assembly. The upper (senate) and lower chamber (house of representatives) should be merged into one house to save cost and ensure in a more efficient and effective legislative process. The country stands to save over N100 billion annually by merging the two chambers into one. The two houses are only a duplication of efforts and resources. The savings from this merger can be used to implement a SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM for the country where all unemployed youths can be paid N20,000 and disabled citizens N10,000 monthly.
  3. MINIMUM WAGE OF N100,000 FOR NIGERIA POLICE: The government should as a matter of urgency place all policemen on a minimum monthly salary of N100,000. In this regard, the minimum wage for all civil servants in Nigeria including our gallant military should be N100,000. Our gallant soldiers and military laying their lives to keep us safe against Boko haram deserve a better appreciation for their efforts. Government can mobilise the funds to implement the N100,000 minimum wage by drastically cutting down the cost of governance. There are lots of leakages in the system which if effectively plugged, can mobilise enough funds to implement the N100,000 minimum wage.
  4. SCRAP IMMUNITY CLAUSE IN THE CONSTITUTION: Section 308 of the constitution which protects the President, Vice President, Governors and Deputy Governors should be scrapped in line with the anti-corruption fight of the Buhari administration. It is clear that this section of the constitution has often times, been grossly abused. The section is double standard and a blank cheque for some public office to do whatever they want, abuse trust and get away with it.
  5. SCRAP SECURITY VOTE FOR STATE GOVERNORS: Security votes in the range of N300 million are paid to state governors monthly to do whatever they want to do with it including but not limited to, putting it into their private pockets. This is clearly not justifiable and against the dictates of President Buhari’s anti-corruption fight. The N300 million security vote can be used to fix the dilapidated primary and secondary schools up and down the country.
  6. JOB CREATION: Unemployment in Nigeria is a time bomb. Part of the reasons behind the #EndSARS protest is the lack of jobs for the youths. The government should as a matter of urgency, establish skills acquisition centres across the country to train youths on hands – on and other entrepreneurship skills to enable them set up their own small businesses. All NYSC leavers should continue receiving their monthly Allawi until they get a job.
  7. SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM: The government should implement a social security system with a guaranteed payment of N10,000 to every disabled and other Nigerians with no source of income. The disabled and old people should be given special priority in this scheme.
  8. REVERT TO N145/litre PRICE OF FUEL: The government should heed this call by the Nigerian youths even if to reassure citizens that it is a listening government. It is very difficult to convince people that government has no money to fund the subsidy regime especially when juxtaposed with the waste, frivolities and endemic corruption currently associated with some aspects of government.

10.REMOVE SECURITY CHIEFS: The current security chiefs have served their dues and done their best in the war against insurgency and other security challenges. It is now time for them to give way for new service chiefs to inject new ideas into the war. This is not a new demand as several Nigerians from all strata have persistently called for the replacement of the service chiefs.

  1. 50% AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR THE YOUTHS: In the spirit of generational change, it is necessary to involve more youths into key positions in government. Clearly, the youths have been systematically emasculated from governance in this democratic era. The old league have monopolised everything. People are in disbelief as to how an 80 year old man who served as minister in 1979 will still find his way into government in 2019 again as a minister (40 years after). Is Nigeria in short supply of brains that the country has no people to be appointed into key government offices except 70 and 80 year olds? Recycling of leaders will not solve Nigeria’s problems.
    Indeed, there are very committed and able young men and women ready to serve if given the opportunity. There is the need to focus on generational change because the old league cannot be there forever. The youths should be injected into government to prepare them for governance in the future.
    This is another demand which has gained momentum for sometime. Kidnappers and bandits have taking over several parts of Northern Nigeria today. As a matter of fact, these criminal kidnappers have literally held Northern Nigeria to ransom. People cannot travel long distances without placing their hands on their chest. Farmers cannot go to farms for fear of being kidnapped for ransom. The government is doing something but the problem persists and is escalating everyday. There is the need to do more. Fully-motivated security agents on ground and proper legislation can change the narrative. There should be a security strategy to bring kidnapping and other senseless killings in the North and other parts of Nigeria to an end. The North is bleeding and something needs to be done urgently.

The military have not been good interventionists in these otherwise civil protests. Bringing them in to stop the protest could potentially inflame embers and lead to anarchy. How about if the youthful exuberance gets the better of the very young protesters and they put up a stiff resistance against the army? The result could be unprecedented chaos and anarchy. Pray! that doesn’t happen.

The government was spot on to adopt a cautious approach and allow the youth to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to peaceful protest in accordance with sections 39 and 40 of the 1999 constitution (as altered). The army should not get into this more so because so far, the protests can be said to be peaceful.
The police should also not be involved in quelling the protest at least for now as that will potentially lead to clash of interests. There is an accumulated anger by the Nigerian youths against the police and any confrontations between the two at this time could blow out of proportion.

Sir, the protesters will love to hear from their President. The timing is perfect. Some fatherly and reassuring words from our President Muhammadu Buhari will go along way in calming frayed nerves.

Nigerian youths should stay the cause but it is important that the protest continues in a peaceful manner devoid of rancour.
Please DON’T break into anybody’s shops else you lose the plot, people’s goodwill and sympathy.

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I Will Never Support APC , PDP Politicians Again — Actress , Iyabo Ojo Vows



images 2020 10 26T094349.961 I Will Never Support APC , PDP Politicians Again — Actress , Iyabo Ojo Vows

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo on Sunday vowed never to support any politician from the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
The mother of two also said even if her family member was running for a post under the aforementioned parties she won’t vote for such person.
“I Alice Iyabo Ojo, will never support, campaign or vote for any APC or PDP member ever again in my life.
“Even if you are my family or friend, we need a New Nigeria ��, we need to stop recycling ♻️ #EndBadGoverance,” she wrote.

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Governor Zulum Emptied & Distributed Palliative Store



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Borno State Governor Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum Governor Zulum Emptied & Distributed Palliative Store to all the state of the federation for distribution to vulnerable citizens following the Covid-19 challenges.

The palliative materials that were delivered to all the states of the federation for distribution to vulnerable citizens following the Covid-19 challenges and which have become subject of mass action in some states, have long been distributed in Borno by the pro-people government of Professor Babagana Umara Zulum.

The materials were delivered to the states by the federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

Videos being shown in many states point to angry and hungry citizens storming warehouses where such palliative were stored and carting them away in a manner that suggest a new dimension to the #ENDSARS protest in parts of the country.

The news is that in Borno state, all the warehouses of the palliatives have long been emptied and promptly distributed to the needy and other vulnerable citizens.

The Governor, Professor Zulum has wasted no time in given orders that the goods be given out through a modality that had been used overtime in different platforms on IDPs all around the states.

The Governor had established an equitable, transparent and foolproof method of distributing materials to displaced persons and other vulnerable groups who have, in the last ten years, been rendered destitute by the activities of the insurgents.

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Advice and Awareness to President Buhari – Prof. Aliyu Abdullahi Jibia



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Prof. Aliyu Abdullahi Jibia said President Muhammadu Buhari had made a mistake in accepting that he was being called a good man.

Prof. Aliyu Abdullahi Jibia, the P.R.P candidate for governor of Katsina State, made the announcement on his Facebook account.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has made a big mistake by accepting to be called an honest man, and today he has been denied by God, because God is truthful.

“After all, in his words he shows that he is the most talented person in the world, while God is the Expert!

In the same way, Buhari criticized everyone’s work, and then God made him tired too!

Then he showed the Southerners the full Love, forgetting that the Southerners were not experienced!

Finally, whose city is it?

As long as Buhari does not repent to God, despite his failures, and admit that he made a mistake, and seek God’s help, he will never succeed again, except to reap losses!

I Aliyu Abdullahi Jibia, by God willing I will continue to inform him this, until the end of my life, until he changes!

I will do this, because with my gums this government had been set.

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